Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Injury Facts

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) occurs when there is damage to the spinal cord,​ blocking​ communication between the brain and the body.

​ The most common causes in Australia are:

  • 46% motor vehicle related incidents
  • 28% related to falls
  • 21% caused by medical conditions such as vascular disorders, degenerative spinal conditions, genetic disorders and cancerous lesions

(Norton L, Spinal Cord Injury, Australia 2007-08, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Injury Research and Statistics Series Number 52. Canberra; 2010)

In general, the higher​ the injury on the spinal cord, the more dysfunction the person will experience.​ Injuries are referred to as ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’, based on any movement or sensation which occurs at or below the level of injury.

Every SCI is​ different and what happens with one person does not necessarily happen with another.

​PQSA recommends that you seek expert SCI medical advice if you require specific information.

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