Volunteer Program

Becoming a PQSA Volunteer will make a positive impact in the lives of PQSA’s clients. The benefits of becoming a volunteer are endless. Volunteering helps with gaining confidence, learning new skills, being part of a community and meeting different types of people. The Volunteering Program at PQSA offers a Home Handy Person Service, Gardening Service, Dog Walking Service, Home Visiting/Shopping Service and Phone Support.

All PQSA Volunteer services can be accessed by people who have a Physical or Neurological condition and use a wheelchair for mobility.

To become a PQSA Volunteer, you will require a DCSI Screening and be reference checked. All volunteers receive orientation and training.

Roles of PQSA’s Volunteers are:

Home Handy Person and Gardening

  • Fixing tap washers
  • Touch up painting
  • Fixing shelves
  • Fixing door hinges
  • Basic gardening – pruning, planting and weeding (we do not provide lawn mowing services)

Clients must provide the parts or gardening supplies needed to complete the job.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Volunteers are matched up with a client as close as possible to their home. Volunteers walk the client’s dog
as often as they can.

Home Visits and Shopping

Volunteers visit with clients, generally on a fortnightly basis. The main role of the Home Visiting and Shopping Volunteer is to provide social support to the client. Common activities that take place during these visits are chatting, shopping or joining the client for a meal or coffee. All out of pocket expenses are reimbursed to the Volunteer.

Phone Support

All PQSA Phone Support Volunteers have a disability and phone their clients generally on a fortnightly basis for a friendly chat and informal support.


‘Since moving in to residential care, I’ve grown to love my volunteer’s dogs as much as my own. They bring so much joy when they visit’
– Marilyn (client)

‘What I most enjoy about volunteering with Cuong is the conversations we have about almost anything. Similar interests, talking about high tech gadgets, sharing cultural differences and learning about new things’ – Nishana (volunteer)

‘I look forward to catching up with Nishana fortnightly on a Thursday, I enjoy our talks and window shopping together’ – Cuong (client)

‘I love meeting wordly people like Malcolm to share stories with and strike up a 3 way friendship, all because of walking Odie, who gives me the biggest smile when I arrive and is so happy when we walk, Malcolm is always grateful…I think Odie is pretty happy too’
- Graeme (volunteer)

For more information:

 Megan Quirk

Megan Quirk

Team Leader, Programs