Vocational Rehabilitation

PQSA has introduced an Early Intervention and Community Vocational Rehabilitation Service, to assist people with a spinal cord injury or neurological spinal condition to remain at work or explore new employment opportunities.

Two Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants have commenced. One consultant will be working closely with the Repatriation Health Precinct as part of the early intervention program, funded by Information, Linkages and Capacity Building. The other is working in the community, funded by Lifetime Support Authority, in association with the University of Adelaide.

Over a 12-month period our consultants will support participants by assisting them to set specific return to work goals, find appropriate training, provide vocational assessments, counselling, developing job search and return to work skills. Engagement with employers and community stakeholders will be a key offering. The service includes worksite assessments and modification advice, to facilitate safe and meaningful participation.

To learn more about PQSA’s new Early Intervention and Community Vocational Rehabilitation Service, please contact Joy Richards on (08) 8355 3500 or 0455 083 700.

For more information:

 Joy Richards

Joy Richards

Spinal Nurse Advisor