Recreation Groups

The PQSA Recreation Program is designed for adults who use a wheelchair as their primary means of mobility to get out and about in a friendly, safe and welcoming environment. Each group is accompanied by PQSA’s Program Facilitator, who will take the worry out of organising the outing.

The program is divided into three groups, the northern, southern and western recreation groups, allowing the program to be accessible to all. Each group meets fortnightly and are a great opportunity for clients to establish friendships with those in their community.

The Recreation Program covers all types of recreational interests, from gatherings at local eateries, visits and tours of iconic landmarks, arts and crafts and everything in between. To see where the groups have been, keep an eye out on our Facebook page,

PQSA can also help with coordinating and part-funding your transport to and from the outings.

For more information:

 Mick Occhiuto

Mick Occhiuto

Programs Facilitator