QWERTY Technology Hub

PQSA fully funds and resources a Technology Hub (QWERTY) at The Repatriation Health Precinct, comprised of six desktop computers and wireless connectivity shared amongst 150 patients. The hub serves to reduce the isolation experienced by those in long term rehabilitation on the spinal injuries unit and orthopaedic/amputee/burns/brain injury unit and ensures people maintain access to information and can connect with their loved ones.

QWERTY provides a social meeting place for patients, friends and family and offers accessible technologies including voice recognition software, head operated infra-red mouse devices, large keyboards and large trackballs. The technology PQSA provides is also integral to the rehabilitation of specific clients who rely on it to be able to manage daily tasks, both simple and complex, within the limitations of their spinal injury.

Accessible technology at QWERTY includes:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 (Professional) – voice recognition software
  • Height adjustable desks
  • Smart Nav – head operated infra-red mouse
  • ClearTrac – large trackball
  • BigKeys – large keyboard
  • TACTUS Assistive keyboard

QWERTY Technology Hub is currently open only to patients of the Spinal Unit and Brain Injury Unit at The Repatriation Health Precinct. It will open more broadly as COVID-19 restrictions ease further.

To keep pace with rapidly advancing technologies, PQSA asks you to consider donating to purchase new equipment and update existing technology to continue to support our clients to keep connected. Click here to donate

For more information:

 Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor

Information & Technology Officer