Driver Training

PQSA has partnered with Drive Smart Driving School to provide a new community service for people with a disability who are driving or want to drive. This is an extension of PQSA's Driver Occupational Therapy service.

A Toyota Camry with accessibility features and driving control modifications is now available for people with physical disability to enable them to complete driving assessments and training to regain their driver's licence post-injury, learn to drive in a modified vehicle or to trial different hand controls if they need to change.

The vehicle provides the following access modifications for people to use:

  • Mechanical push radial driving hand controls
  • Mechanical push twist driving hand controls
  • PME electronic radial hand controls
  • Left foot accelerator
  • Instructor brake to passenger side
  • Tri-spin spinner knob plus standard spinner knob
  • Transfer plate at driver's seat
  • Spinner knob with electric indicators
  • Veigel eClassic

This vehicle is available for use by drivers with a disability and Driver Trained Occupational Therapists on an appointment basis. PQSA provides Driver Trained Occupational Therapy assessment and rehabilitation services to assist people with their driving.

PQSA clients who need to transition from hand controls that are now deemed unsuitable (such as portable pedal fitted devices) can access the vehicle, driving instructor and Driver Trained Occupational Therapists for on-road driving assessment and training sessions.

If you are already engaged with a Driver Trained OT, please contact Mark Fraser from Drive Smart Driving School directly on 0418 812 399 or email

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 Annie Leane

Annie Leane

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