Following a serious fall in 2020, Allan was placed into ICU and after surgery, spent five months in rehabilitation at Hampstead. His wife Anne says they were not sure if he would survive and were then told his mobility would be permanently affected. As a very active and fit person, Allan committed to follow the instructions of his physical therapists and OT. He made exceptional recovery and now uses a walking frame and sometimes a wheelchair for mobility.

Allan says the support of PQSA Peer Support Advocates Graham and Vicky, who provided advice on living with spinal cord injury was incredibly valuable. They also directed Allan to the PQSA over 65 grant, providing funding for clients outside the NDIS bracket. Allan has had a ramp installed to the outside of his home. “I’m grateful to PQSA as I can now go outside independently.”

He also utilised the funds for an electric lounge chair, which helps him to be safely positioned and from sitting to standing and reach a mobility device. “It means I can choose when and where I spend my time at home.” Even with purchase of a mobile tray table, he did not use all of the $4,000 grant but Allan says he now has what he needed and is very happy with the contribution from PQSA!