Hayley was 13 when a diving accident caused a spinal cord injury, resulting in tetraplegia. She subsequently met PQSA staff including Spinal Nurse Advisor Nicola. As a PQSA client, Hayley was alerted to the Kevin Duke Scholarship, supporting South Australians with a spinal cord injury to fund study and contribute to their vocational careers.

Hayley says receiving funding from PQSA through the Kevin Duke Scholarship has helped to pay for her degree and the substantial expenses incurred in preparing plans and models. She was recognised in December 2021 at an event with the two other scholarship recipients.

Nicola also connected Hayley with Rossdale Homes for work experience, which subsequently led to employment. Hayley now works full time at Woods Bagot, where she is involved in the design of commercial buildings such as restaurants, bars and shops.

“Public spaces are for everyone to enjoy and it shouldn’t come down to choosing a location, based on accessibility. Being able to provide myself and others in the community with a sense of normality is what I hope to achieve throughout my career as an Interior Designer.”