Kevin Duke Scholarship

The Kevin Duke Scholarship, awarded every two years, supports successful applicants to fund study which will contribute to their vocational careers. The scholarship gives opportunities for personal development that may not have been otherwise available and which ultimately, will assist individuals who have a Spinal Cord Injury to live their potential and to serve the broader community.

Each recipient is awarded a scholarship to support their educational pursuits for a period of up to five years. A maximum of $12,000 each year is shared over a five-year period. The most recent recipients were recognised on 28 November, 2021. Joshua was unfortunately not able to join us for presentation of the scholarships but Amanda and Hayley attended with their families.


Joshua is studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science and would like to use it to better understand how to help people navigate emotional and mental health hardships.

He wishes to use this degree in conjunction with his lived experiences to help people face the difficult realities of life and to encourage people to believe that life can always get better no matter how impossible that may seem.


Hayley is completing her fourth year of Interior Architecture at UniSA.

Being able to provide herself and others in the community with a sense of normality is what Hayley hopes to achieve throughout her career as an Interior Designer. She wishes to contribute to the understanding that providing accessibility for all is essential.


Studying a Diploma of Photography, Amanda is passionate about nature, animals and helping others and has decided to chase her dream to become a Photographer!

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Joshua, Hayley and Amanda! We will follow their journeys and share their achievements throughout 2022.