Kenneth received a $4,000 grant from PQSA as part of an initiative to assist people living with spinal cord injury over the age of 65. As people aged 65+ do not receive funding through the NDIS, PQSA saw the need to provide support. For Kenneth, it was received at a very good time! "I really appreciate the support, as I have been able to fund a scooter, which has made a huge difference to my independence as it is my only mode of transport."

Kenneth was attending Hampstead for ongoing therapy four days per week. He used the scooter to access this therapy and have appointments with PQSA Peer Support Advocates. "Along with being able to use it to go shopping etc., it has also saved me a lot of taxi money as I can only walk short distances with my walking frame."

"Thank you to Vicky, Graham and Scott for their help through out my time in Hampstead and ongoing help after being discharged."