Jo and Vin

Vin married Jo in 1975, only a year before a serious road accident caused his spinal injuries. A truck driver on his way to Brisbane, Vin was given treatment in Queensland before being transferred to Hampstead Rehabilitation Unit in Adelaide. Jo and Vin got by at home with no assistance until a heart problem in 2010 resulted in a hospital stay and referral to PQSA. Here they met Nicola, PQSA Spinal Nurse Advisor, who talked them into exploring the options available for support. Agreeing to assistance was a difficult step for Vin and Jo but over time, they have come to agree with Nicola that it provides a better balance for both their lifestyles. "Nicola and PQSA are fantastic. We owe them a lot."

After the introduction of the NDIS, Nicola assisted them to set up Support Workers, cleaning and respite services. They now have what Jo calls a "good balance" and Vin maintains his choice and control. "Nicola says we are a good team but every team needs some supportive people around them!"

Keen travellers and campers, they have shared some photos of their travels with us including Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and many destinations around South Australia.

Jo has recently been awarded Carer of the Year 2022 by the CFA (Continence Foundation of Australia), which she accepted in her typical way, agreeing to the surrounding fuss for the sake of her nominator Nicola! You can read about the award here -