A message from the PQSA Board - Statement on The Voice

Later this year a referendum will be put to the national vote about whether the Constitution of Australia should enshrine an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament and the Executive Government.

PQSA recognises the national significance of this vote and encourages participation in the referendum as an important mechanism for engaging in this national conversation. The referendum is an important feature of our democracy and we encourage participation in a manner that also reflects PQSA’s values - with open hearts and minds, and being respectful of others’ views even, and perhaps especially, when they do not accord with our own views.

From now until the referendum date (and beyond), it is important for workplaces and the care environments in which we operate, to be respectful and tolerant of the differences of opinion about The Voice.

Each person is free to express their personal view in their personal capacity. We ask only that each of us recognises the right of others to hold a different view. We also commit to the wellbeing of our clients, staff, and volunteers to be sure that we are alert to the wellbeing and safety of those with whom we work and interact and those we support and care for.

PQSA will continue to listen to the voices of Australia’s First Nations people on whose lands we work and where we provide support and care for our clients.