2020 Kevin Duke Scholarship

The Kevin Duke Scholarship, awarded every two years, is intended to support successful applicants to fund study which will contribute to their vocational careers.

It presents opportunities for personal development that may not have been otherwise available and which ultimately, will assist individuals who have a spinal cord injury to live their potential and to serve the broader community.

The scholarship is named in recognition of Kevin Duke’s contribution to the Spinal Cord Injury community in South Australia via his roles at PQSA (including Presidency), professional career and public service.


Individuals with a spinal cord injury will be eligible and up to three recipients will receive funds. PQSA may also support successful applicants by offering vocational placements and work experience.

In these unprecedented times, we have decided that for this round of funding, we are removing the criterion that meant only those who completed their rehabilitation between July 2018 and June 2020 could apply.

Primary consideration will be given to applicants who have expressed a desire to study a vocation aligned with PQSA’s operational activities (e.g. health, allied health, finance, human relations, legal services and marketing/public relations). Each recipient can be awarded a scholarship to support their educational pursuits for a period of up to five years. A maximum of $12,000 each year will be shared amongst the recipients over a five-year period.

Funding of up to $60,000 in total will be awarded to up to three successful applicants who intend to commence study within 18 months of the award.

Examples of funding inclusions:

• Course fees
• Resources such as text books and stationery, software and hardware required such as a laptop or tablet
• Additional personal care support
• Transport /parking fees
• Network access
• Relocation costs

How to Apply

Contact us on (08) 8355 3500 to request an application form or click below.
Be quick! Applications are due on WEDNESDAY 3 MARCH 2021.

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