PQSA Leadership Team

 Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Stewart is a seasoned executive and Chief Executive Officer of PQSA, possessing a unique blend of clinical and corporate expertise. With over 30 years of experience in human services, Peter's passion for improving the lives of those living with disabilities is evident in his exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and impressive track record for exceeding business objectives.

Peter's professional journey began as a Registered Nurse and later pursued further education, attaining a Bachelor of Nursing (Post Registration) and a Master of Clinical Rehabilitation. His tenure at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre provided him with valuable insights into what motivates and nurtures individuals living with Spinal Cord Injury. During his nursing career, he received recognition for his work, being the first nurse awarded the Best Scientific Paper at the Australian and New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Society Meeting.

Peter's prolific career took a new direction when he entered the lecture sphere at Flinders University and in South-East Asia and then business management. With his extensive experience in South Australia's Spinal Cord Injury service, Peter's strong affiliation with PQSA has always been apparent. As CEO, he takes pride in delivering safe and quality services to PQSA clients, including the innovative HomeCare+ program, across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.

Peter's leadership style is people-centric, with a focus on motivating and nurturing the workforce to perform to a higher standard. He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has served as Deputy Chair of the NDIS South Australian State Committee, and is the current Chair of the South Australian Quality and Safeguarding Community of Practice board.

Outside his professional life, Peter's passion for football is undeniable – being a loyal supporter of the Liverpool FC in the English Premier League, as well as Port Adelaide Football Club in the AFL. When not cheering on his favourite teams, he enjoys spending time with his family and their two dogs, performing live music, hiking around Adelaide's local conservation parks and watching the latest movies.

 Wendy Fraser

Wendy Fraser

Head of Operations

Wendy Fraser is an empathetic and accomplished leader who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the not-for-profit and government sectors. She currently serves as the Head of Operations for PQSA, where she plays a vital role in driving the organisation's commitment to providing high-quality services to clients across the state.

Wendy's passion for helping others has been a driving force throughout her career. Having spent many years working as a nurse, she possesses a deep-rooted commitment to addressing the needs of those requiring care. Her commitment to excellence has been recognised through a Premier's Nursing Excellence Scholarship Award, highlighting her dedication to the nursing profession. More recently, Wendy completed a scholarship-funded course in Executive Leadership from WA's Murdoch University, further enhancing her skills and knowledge in the field.

Wendy is a proven leader with extensive experience improving the lives of those in need across several areas, including NDIS, disability services, mental health, drug and alcohol community services, out of home care, homelessness, and aged care. She is an unwavering champion for the underprivileged and vulnerable, continually exploring ways to create positive change within the community.

In her position at PQSA, Wendy has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency. She strongly advocates for staff development, positioning the organisation with some of the most highly skilled and passionate professionals in the field, which allows them to provide the best possible services to clients.

Beyond her commitment to her profession, Wendy is also an advocate for accessible beaches, a cause that is close to her heart. She has devoted a significant portion of her time to promoting beaches that cater to people of all abilities and ages, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our coastlines.

 Carly Austin

Carly Austin

Head of People & Culture

Carly Austin is an accomplished Human Resources (HR) professional with over 15 years of experience in the Government sector. Her dedication to building robust frameworks with sound governance around the performance and development of employees and leaders has established her reputation in the industry.

As Head of People and Culture at PQSA, Carly leads her team with efficiency and proficiency, optimising the workforce through best HR practices, Work, Health & Safety, Learning & Development, and system improvements at an organisational level. Her qualifications include a Diploma of Management in Human Resources, Associate Professional Membership from the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA), and Professional Membership of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI).

Carly's empathy and inclusive view are evident in her approach to organisational development and recruitment, promoting career development and leadership pathways, while fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. Her expertise in HR is recognised across the industry, and she is highly respected among her peers.

Carly's responsibilities extend beyond PQSA's staff, encompassing the management of employee relations and workforce optimisation across all programs, including HomeCare+. As an innovative, registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Carly is instrumental in ensuring PQSA achieves the highest standard of care for each client.

Besides her professional pursuits, Carly is an avid supporter of the Adelaide Crows AFL team, found cheering them on at every opportunity. She also enjoys spending time with her family at the beach. Carly's ultimate dream is to embark on a motorbike adventure and explore Australia, a dream she hopes to fulfil soon.

 Damien Pollard

Damien Pollard

Head of Payroll & ICT

Damien Pollard's journey has been one of dedication and passion. With a Bachelor of Accounting and a Bachelor of Computer & Information Science under his belt, he has headed up the Payroll & ICT department of PQSA for the past 25 years. In his role, he is entrusted with ensuring timely payments to employees, overseeing the day-to-day maintenance and running of ICT, and safeguarding the organisation's sensitive data.

Damien's workplace is his playground, an arena of perpetual growth and learning, where he embraces every challenge with an unwavering commitment. He is a dependable team player who values trust and accountability. This value system is reflected in his diligent work-ethic and steadfast ownership of outputs. He is a valuable asset to PQSA, a leader who fosters growth, development and collaboration.

Outside of work, Damien is a railway aficionado. Not merely an observer or tourist; rather, he is hands-on with his passion. Last year he travelled on the Ghan and plans to ride the Indian-Pacific in the future. Furthermore, he has put his love of trains into practice by driving two different trains at the National Railway Museum Open Day.

 Suzanne Lee

Suzanne Lee

Head of Finance

Suzanne Lee, an esteemed professional with over 36 years of experience in the finance industry, has continuously raised the bar for excellence in her field. With her unwavering commitment to maintaining accuracy and clarity in her work, Suzanne has made an indelible impact not only on the companies she has worked for, but also on the individuals and families she has served.

Starting from humble beginnings in accounting firms, including PWC, Suzanne has worked her way up to become the Head of Finance for PQSA, where she has expertly managed its financials for the past 16 years. Her vast knowledge and insights have been integral to PQSA's success, allowing the company to grow and thrive under her leadership.

Aside from her impressive professional accomplishments, Suzanne cares deeply about making a positive impact in people's lives. Through her work facilitating NDIS funding, she has seen first-hand, the transformative effects that financial stability can have on individuals and their families. Suzanne's sense of purpose drives her to do what she does every day with dedication and a strong sense of duty.

When she's not busy revolutionising finance, Suzanne unwinds by indulging her passion for calisthenics. For years, she has trained and coached senior girls' grades, sharing her love for the sport with her daughter. This dedication to her family is just one of the many aspects that make Suzanne an outstanding leader and role model.

Suzanne shares her home with two loveable dogs and two affectionate cats, who she adores and loves to spoil. Her passion for animals and caring nature are just a few of the qualities that make her an extraordinary person.

 Clement Jacob

Clement Jacob

Director of Business Development

Clement Jacob is a highly experienced and accomplished senior executive with a wealth of knowledge in strategy, business transformation, commercial management, and leadership. He recently assumed the role of Director of Business Development at PQSA and has proven himself as a proactive leader with a unique ability to drive organisational success.

Clement's expertise lies in developing strategic business plans, conducting revenue analysis, and leading strategic projects that help organisations to achieve their objectives. He has a wealth of experience in managing change and streamlining operations, creating marketing strategies, revamping policies, and building high-engagement, performance-driven teams.

With an extensive background in international business, Clement has a diverse perspective on managing and working in various markets across the US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australasia. He has managed in all the states of Australia except for the ACT and Northern Territory. Furthermore, he is a specialist in planning and executing turnkey trade shows and technical seminars, and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to representing organisations in various international and domestic media, trade shows and panels.

Clement is an MBA-Finance candidate at AGSM, University of NSW Business School, where he is enhancing his expertise in leadership, strategic planning, business development, governance, and health and safety. Additionally, he is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is currently undertaking the foundation course in governance. Clement has also been certified as a Practising Marketer (CPM) by the Australian Marketing Institute.

Clement is a Renaissance man with an insatiable appetite for the good things in life! When he's not working his strategic leadership magic, you'll find him in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe, sipping on a fine wine or beer or jet setting off to explore a new corner of the world. He's a sports enthusiast too and enjoys playing tennis, and soccer and most importantly is a proud AFL Port Adelaide supporter. However, we must say, beyond this jovial nature lies a true passion for mentoring new graduates. Clement genuinely finds happiness in helping young minds find fulfilling career pathways in business, marketing, and human resources. His ultimate dream is to retire in his 50s and to travel the world in pursuit of new adventures.

 Krys Howard

Krys Howard

Director of HomeCare+ South East

Krys Howard is a highly experienced and dedicated professional who has dedicated over two decades of her career to enhancing the quality of life for individuals in need of care and support. As the Director of HomeCare+ South East, Krys oversees the provision of exceptional care services, working closely with her team of nurses and operations staff.

With genuine compassion and a deep respect for the individuals under her care, Krys is committed to helping people live their best lives and remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. Her exceptional integrity and unwavering dedication to her work has led her to become a leading figure in the disability industry.

Over the years, Krys has achieved some remarkable milestones in her career. Most notably, she played a pivotal role in establishing the PQSA retail outlets in Mount Gambier and Berri. This initiative has enabled people living with disabilities to access the support they need, while also providing much-needed resources for the community.

Krys is also passionate about working to secure funding for Younger People in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) and Rapid Intensive Brokerage Support (RIBS) in hospitals. Her tireless efforts in these areas have helped to provide crucial care to individuals in need and have earned her the admiration of peers and colleagues.

With a background in nursing and business, Krys brings a unique skillset to her work, combining her medical knowledge with her business acumen to provide exceptional care services to those in need. Her commitment to supporting people with disability in rural areas is unwavering, and she remains dedicated to helping these communities live their best lives.

Outside of work, Krys enjoys spending time with her family, and is an avid knitter, making babies’ and kids' clothes for refugees. Her generosity of spirit and deep care for others is evident both in her professional and personal life.

 Annie Davis-Ross

Annie Davis-Ross

Director of HomeCare+ Adelaide/Regional

Annie Davis-Ross is a highly respected figure in the healthcare industry in Australia. With over 40 years of experience in the field of health and disability, she has dedicated her career towards helping individuals achieve better outcomes.

Annie currently holds the position of Director of HomeCare+, an innovative program of PQSA across Adelaide and regional South Australia. Her responsibility extends to the entire staff within these regions. In her previous role as Operations Manager, Annie contributed to the development of e-learning training modules for PQSA, which was a significant turning point in the organisation's professional development journey.

A nurse by profession, Annie's expertise, knowledge, and passion for her work have enabled her to initiate early intervention hubs for disability, which paved the way for children's pre-school education to become integrated into childcare centres.

Annie's career values centre around the delivery of quality care, unequivocal information sharing, and setting clear expectations for everyone involved. Communication is a key tenet for her, as she believes that it strengthens teamwork and the collective effort towards achieving the best health outcomes for clients.

Annie is motivated by the commitment and dedication of her colleagues towards improving the lives of people they serve. She believes that this collective spirit feeds her soul, and it keeps her going. Her warm, genuine, and reflective nature is evident in the way she interacts with colleagues, clients, and everyone she meets.

Outside of her professional life, Annie spends time on her farm in the Murraylands, surrounded by sheep and ducks. The serenity and tranquillity of country life bring her joy, and she loves listening to audiobooks to unwind. Additionally, Annie is a qualified marriage celebrant and has taken great pride in being a part of life's meaningful journeys with the people around her.

 Lisa Feder

Lisa Feder

Director of Lifestyle Support

Lisa Feder is a highly skilled and deeply committed disability advocate and educator who has devoted her professional journey to empowering people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and other disabilities. With her wealth of experience and expertise, she currently holds the position of Director of Lifestyle Support at PQSA. Lisa's dedication to this cause has been unwavering, and her impressive career is a testament to her outstanding commitment to serving the disability community.

Lisa began her journey as a Support Worker at PQSA while pursuing her university studies, and over the years, her full-circle approach to disability education and advocacy has earned her numerous accolades. She has worked for several disability service providers, and she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Disability and Developmental Education from Flinders University.

Apart from her academic and work credentials, Lisa is known for her global outlook and passion for cultural exchange, having had the opportunity to work for two months with the Department of Social Welfare in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of a scholarship. Her diverse experience and impressive track record are among the key factors that made her an excellent addition to the PQSA team when she started as Director of Lifestyle Support in July 2022.

Lisa's admiration for PQSA's purpose and values is evident in her work, where she continues to empower people with disabilities and create an inclusive society. She is passionate about PQSA's impactful volunteer program that underlines the organisation's commitment to making a positive difference in the community. Additionally, Lisa appreciates PQSA's Women in Focus event and other initiatives that demonstrate the organisation's strong leadership and positive culture.

Despite her busy professional life, Lisa remains rooted in the simple things in life. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her two dogs, where she can soak up the beauty of nature. Furthermore, Lisa has honed her creative skills by attending pottery classes, enabling her to draw inspiration from different creative expressions.