Mother's Day High Tea

From: 10:30am Sat 01 May 2021
Until: 12:30pm Sat 01 May 2021

Yvette Eglington and Elise Kennedy are two women who became mothers after they sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI). They met each other through an introduction from Vicky Machen, PQSA's Peer Support Advocate, and have become close friends. Yvette and Elise have a special connection, as they are able to share stories and advice about motherhood with SCI.

Yvette and Elise filmed two videos for PQSA - 'Life as a Mum with a Spinal Cord Injury' and 'Planning to be a Mum with a Spinal Cord Injury', which were launched at a Mother's Day High Tea at the Highway Hotel on Saturday 1 May 2021. Clients and staff were invited to hear Vicky introduce the videos and explain the motivation for creating them. Clients were also treated to massages and a short meditation. What a beautiful celebration of Mums and the woman (and kids!) around them.

Yvette and Elise were also featured (front page, no less!) in a Mother's Day Special SA Weekend Magazine liftout on Saturday 8 May 2021. The article details the accidents that caused the injuries and their lives after. The four page spread is accessible here (subscription required).

PQSA is so proud of our clients, their families and PQSA Peer Support Advocates Vicky and Graham for their involvement. The willingness of these Mums to open up about their lives helps the broader community learn more about, and recognise people with disability living their potential.

Make sure you watch the unique videos on our YouTube channel.